Ocean Cellar

If you’re interested in a holiday within a holiday, look no further than Ocean Cellar’s ‘World Oyster Journey’.

Offering a taste of France, England, Mexico, Vietnam, Colombia and Japan, this dazzling dish arrives fantastic and with flair on a windy day in Swakopmund in which my sisters and our friends sit pretty in the depths of a cluster of armchairs overlooking the twilit Atlantic.

Truth be told, we couldn’t be more impressed. Quite by chance we’ve rushed in out of the elements and happened upon what may be the sexiest place in the country.

Nautical but elegant replete with a sushi bar, glowing cocktail bar, elevated nook, show kitchen, wine tasting, stylish interior, laidback exterior and glorious views, Ocean Cellar is literally a breath of freshsea air so we peruse its sushi and seafood menu with excitement.

The short-lived kind.

As Mon’s frozen margarita arrives looking like the mixologist took a hacksaw to a bland block of ice and Mel’s classic mojito makes an appearance without so much as a grain of sugar, I thank my lucky stars that I have ordered a flute of Pongracz while recalling some advice from my bestie: Order what they’re famous for.

Not expecting much from the cocktails at an oyster and wine bar, my order of sparkling wine is a sage one made even more so by the mixologist who assures us that our complaints are entirely valid given that he receives several a day.

Matter of fact, marginally apologetic but passionate in his promise that a competent frozen margarita is quite beyond him, the man looks relieved when Mon sends back his second attempt at a frozen margarita and joins me on the Pongracz.

Once our drinks are delivered we cast our minds over more succulent things.

With oysters sourced from Walvis Bay, the ‘World Oyster Journey’ encourages patrons to try their embellished natural oysters in servings of six or twelve. And for N$175, one can delight in oyster toppings that include a vinaigrette of lemongrass, shallots, soy sauce, ginger and Asian fish sauce in homage to Vietnam, a Colombian style sorbet of roasted bell pepper and lime, the spicy chilli, tomato, lime and oregano flavours of Mexico and an England inspired grilled oyster topped with Worcestershire sauce, bacon bits and flat leaf parsley.

Delicious, decadent and completely transportive, Ocean Cellar’s ‘World Oyster Journey’ is a fun little feast to relish with friends.

Making a game of which of the six oysters to have first, last and the optimal eating order between the more bitter French oyster and the mouthwatering Vietnam, we thoroughly enjoy our sundown snack in a place that whispers of opulence and travel.

Rather incongruously, a major minus is the service.

From the blundering mixologist to a waitress who takes a full fifteen minutes to pour a flute of Pongracz  after witnessing The Great Margarita Mess and knowing sweet nothing about their fabulous oyster journey, Ocean Cellar would do wonders to raise its level of service to its level of ambience which, in a word, is superb.