The Tea Bar

Tea, tranquility and a tasteful time-out are the order of the day at the newest addition to Windhoek’s speciality scene.

With a bright white teapot dangling, light incense wafting and your choice of matcha, Moroccan mint or masala chai infusing air already ambient via strains of Amy Winehouse, Sade or Corinne Bailey Ray, The Tea Bar is a sophisticated mecca for tea lovers just a stone’s throw from the city’s craft district.

Artfully brewing blooming tea that literally blossoms as it steeps on the corner of Garten and Tal Street, The Tea Bar is a boutique bar serving 15 leaf teas, flavoured Dilmah and a revolving door of scones, macarons, croissants, cake and matcha biscuits.

Focused on the aromatic, unhurried ceremony of serving tea in a world where coffee is king, on-the-go and best served yesterday, The Tea Bar takes it easy, has a cosy capacity of 12 and urges patrons to page through a book, sink into the music or simply watch the world go by while indulging in the distinct and delicious flavours of chocolate chilli chai, Turkish apple or a cup of good old Earl Grey.
A feast for the nose and for the taste buds, The Tea Bar is also serenity for the senses.

Wooden, minimalist and with a quaint little Zen garden for patrons to rake a

nd redesign, the speciality space also includes a bright red book shelf where you can swop or drop anything from Jodi Picoult to ‘An Autobiography by Mr T’.

The perfect hybrid of homey and aesthetic with tea master Travell Stephanus teasing a selection of South African, Kenyan, Moroccan and Japanese teas behind a sleek, wheeled bar, the tea-only tavern is understated, escapist and a little something singular for those who like their beverages slow to brew and soothing of soul.

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