The Wolfshack

On this season of Windhoek revivals we have The Wolfshack

Hot on the heels of the return of Funky Lab and SeaSource, the once upon a boutique wine bar and all round good time is back bigger, better, with more wine and less of a likelihood of being put in a culinary time out.

Crime: noise pollution.

Generally hushed and now happening at the old Gruner Kranz restaurant, The Wolfshack is the best of what it was with a little craft beer, artisanal gin and expertise thrown into the beloved mix.

“We’re trying to maintain the old vibe. Serving food and drink without being pretentious and allowing everyone to feel at home,” says Wolfshack owner Le Roux van Schalkwyk.

“What’s new are the craft beers, the bigger space and we’re also doing artisanal gin. In Cape Town, artisanal gin is really hot so we wanna get on the bandwagon early and make the hipsters happy.”

Introducing Maxime Matton as their new chef casually marrying French  flair and tapas portions with a taste of home, Matton impresses in dishes like The Wolfshack’s Mahangu crepes, caramel and chocolate crepes, delicious olive bread, its delicatessen meat platter and hot onion soup garnished with croutons and cheese.

A modest and interchangeable menu that could benefit from an item or two more while urging patrons to suggest what they may like to see in the future, The Wolfshack keeps its homemade food made with locally sourced fresh produce light and conducive to enjoying the main event.


Serving a solid house red called Wolfsblood, of course, alongside D’Aria bubblies, a JC Wickens Swerver Cinsault and a Smiley Syrah amongst a small ocean more, The Wolfshack’s wine collection is as exciting as it is experimental.

“The wines are all Swartland which is the best wine district in Cape Town at the moment,” says van Schalkwyk.

“They’re all from young, small producers who are extremely passionate about wine and want to change perceptions about wine making from sourcing grapes to the actual bottle. You’re not gonna see the old Cape Dutch house on these label. You’re gonna see a goat head on a wine called Smiley. Every bottle has a story.” 

And serving those bottles, gin and beer swiftly from The Wolfshack’s smooth wooden bar?

Freddy Shityuwete. Windhoek’s chucklesome barista and barman who is rapidly becoming synonymous with the city’s singular spots. Cf. Original Jojo’s, Slowtown and The Wolfshack                                                                                              With its breezy interior, animal print and rose gold style bar stools, naked bulbs and pallet furniture plus an exhibition and event hall pending, chances are good that The Wolfshack is gonna be the offbeat place to be this summer, this winter and this year.

Head here for an understated evening of nostalgic tunes, good food and great wine.

And bring the pack.


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