At this point you need to thank your lucky stars that you don’t work at Maerua Mall. Not because the ceaseless construction is a short trip to tinnitus but because Daily’s. The fresh bakes and craft creamery sent from decadent damnation to wreak havoc on your summer body. 

A couple of months old and situated opposite Ster-Kinekor, Daily’s wages its assault via nostril with cheerful owner De Wet Labuschagne sealing the deal. Charming with a hallo, how are you and an all-encompassing wave gesturing to three funnels of gourmet range mascarpone, limoncello and chocolate chili soft serve, freshly baked bobotie pies, smoked kassler and sweet mustard wraps and donuts, De Wet presents Daily’s as a work in appetizing progress.

Just a short week or two from its signature shawarma bar, waffle and crepe station and hot cinnamon rolls, Daily’s already beguiles in terms of service and De Wet’s homemade chocolate dipped ice cream, selection of chocolates from the Belgian Chocolatique and in a wonderfully Willy Wonka’esque display of assorted sweets, jellies and candy floss.

A sweet place for kids and adults alike, for now, Daily’s is strictly takeaway.

“Daily’s is for people on the go,” says De Wet, a self-proclaimed tough customer and food critic whose travels have informed his bakes’ particular flavours.

“Everyone is welcome to try our readymade hot meals. Today we have stuffed pancakes, tomorrow lasagna, the next day maybe cottage pies. The idea is freshly baked, flavourful and great quality.” 

New on the block, blink and you miss it but with big plans in store on top of its current array of mouthwatering eats, Daily’s is well worth a pop in for some good old comfort food buoyed by the warmth of a “Hi, how are you?”